It’s Out Of My Hands For Now

A tsunami of triggers have hit me in the last week and my mast cells are in absolute overdrive. Triggers like:

  • Three days ago our beloved dog died suddenly in my arms.
  • There are wildfires in the area that have left our lovely valley in a haze of thick smoke.
  • Our new neighbors have been busily tearing out dozens of trees and shrubs next door, kicking up pollen and dust like mad.
  • My period is due any moment.

Every single one of these are out of my control and it’s impossible to escape them. Grief, smoke, dust, pollen and hormone fluctuations are all each sufficient to cause me to degranulate badly on their own.

Put them all together and I am in mast cell hell with no escape for the foreseeable future. So if you don’t hear from me for awhile, you’ll know it’s not you… it’s totally me.

Well, technically it’s this jerk:

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