Just Three Little Daisies

The Triggers

I’m horrible about trigger avoidance, admittedly, but that’s because there are so many triggers out there that I would have to live in a bubble to avoid them all. I still don’t even know what they all are anyway. Then there are the ones I do know about that I struggle with the most, like […]

July 15, 2017

MCAS & Trigger Avoidance: Why It’s So Hard To Be Good

The Struggle

Finding and avoiding things that trigger our mast cells to degranulate is possibly the most important thing we can do to help ourselves. Our doctors can give us medicines and help us in the ER but only we can suss out our triggers and create our medically necessary “safe bubbles”. It’s a very personal thing. […]

May 13, 2017

Mast Cell Disease Protocol: The First Steps To Take

The Disease

  What should you do if you suspect you have (or are convinced you have) mast cell disease? From my own experience, by following these steps you should be able to get a diagnosis and proper treatment quickly. (Please remember, this is not medical advice. Please see a doctor if you think you have mast […]

March 22, 2017

MCAS & Triggers: The Importance Of Finding & Avoiding Them

The Triggers

  The experts at the Mastocytosis Society pull no punches when describing the importance of sussing and avoiding our own personal triggers. Here’s what they have to say on the matter: It is extremely important for patients to respect their illness, learn their individual symptoms and try to identify what triggers each symptom for them. […]

January 30, 2017