What medications or treatments work for my MCAD?

I had all but given up on doctors and medicines but I have found success in keeping the mast cell disease symptoms at bay now that I know what I’m dealing with and, more importantly, which medicines to use! I still have to avoid triggers (which leaves me house bound most of the time), but by using these medicines and avoiding as many triggers as possible I have been able to achieve relatively long (days at a time) periods of total remission from symptoms.

This is not medical advice, just my own experiences living with mast cell disease. Please consult a doctor if you believe you have mast cell disease or any disease.

I currently use the following mast cell stabilizing medicines with very positive results (updated 4/09/17) :


  • 4 mg 2x daily (am/pm) Cyproheptadine – an H1 antihistamine (RX)
  • 450 mg 2x daily (am/pm) Ranitidine – an H2 antihistamine/acid reducer (OTC)
  • 200 mg 4x daily (every four hours) Cromolyn Sodium (oral) – an intestinal mast cell stabilizer (RX)
  • 1-2 squirts 2-4x daily NasalCrom – a mast cell stabilizing nasal spray (OTC)
  • 1-2 puffs as needed PROAIR-HFR – an albuterol inhaler (RX)
  • 10 mg 2x daily (am/pm) Doxepin – an antihistamine/antidepressant (RX)


I am still very easily triggered but without my medicines I am very, very sick. I also have to carry two epi pens at all times in case of a wasp sting or other anaphylaxis-triggering event. I wear a Medic Alert bracelet, too.