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MCAD Forms You Need To Have Right Now:

I’ve compiled a list of the forms you should have at all times if you have MCAD. These include things like the MCAD diet guideline, an activity log to track symptoms and triggers and ER protocols. I’ve placed asterisks (***) next to the ones I feel are the most important ones. Most of these are from the awesome people at The Mastocytosis Society.

Emergency Care For Patients With Mast Cell Disorders

This is a two-page brochure that goes over the basics of mast cell disease and the special care we as patients need.

***Emergency Room Protocols

This seventeen-page guide is essential to have in case of a trip to the ER. It includes forms to fill out with your primary doctor to insure that you receive the best individualized treatment in an emergency situation. I keep mine updated in a folder in my car at all times just in case.

***The MCAD Diet Guideline

This one tells us what foods are generally safe and which ones aren’t. It also has a lot of other helpful information and I refer to it often.

***Dietary Avoidance General Information (for food allergies/triggers)

This one tells you how to read food labels while trying to find “safe” foods that don’t trigger your mast cells. On this site you can find guidelines for individual food triggers, such as:

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk Allergy Guideline

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk & Soy Allergy Guideline

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk & Soy & Eggs Allergy Guideline

You can find more individual food allergy guidelines by clicking here.

Daily Activity Log

This can help you track your symptoms and triggers and while I haven’t personally used it, it looks very useful.

Misc. Forms & Documents

This opens as a saveable zip file and has a variety of forms including a Drug Allergy form, a Health History form, a Physicians list and more.

The MCAD Wallet Card:

Above is what they look like when printed. These will be available to subscribers soon but you are welcome to print them yourself. You need to print both sides:

Right click, save and then print these off on the front and back of a blank wallet sized card. Then laminate it and keep it in your wallet or purse so it’s handy for doctor or hospital visits!


MCAD Links You Need To Bookmark:

The Mastocytosis Society USA

The Mastocytosis Society Canada

Daily Med

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