MCAS & Natural Health: Day Two On NeuroProtek

I wrote a few days ago about trying NeuroProtek for the first time in all this mast cell insanity I’ve been struggling with.

I took two the first day and didn’t notice much of anything at all – no energy boost, no brain fog clearing, no negative symptoms, either – so I went ahead and took a third pill the next morning and then waited a couple of days to see what happened.

I know it can take months to see a real difference, just like with the Gastrocrom, and I wanted to go slow just in case because I’ve learned the hard way multiple times now that if I jump right in and start taking too many pills of ANY kind for too many consecutive days, no matter what they are, I tend to be slowly triggered over time to the point where I have to stop taking them altogether. Then I’m back to square one, which is where I found myself before trying NeuroProtek!

To make a long story short, I was really, really hoping that NeuroProtek would be my magic bullet and begin working at least somewhat noticeably right away or at least without triggering me but unfortunately that’s not what happened.

In fact…

Not long after taking the third pill that second morning I started getting a lot of pain in my gut and then it moved to my hip, which lets me know it’s going to be pretty bad (inflammation-wise) from head to toe.

And it was.

My gums swelled up and began to bleed from just touching them. I began to feel a lot of pressure in my head, like wearing a heavy helmet, and had vertigo and fainting spells coming on strong (brain inflammation). My digestion slowed way down I bloated out painfully (intestinal inflammation). When I finally was able to go to the toilet two days later (this morning) my intestines were full of mucus again and my diverticulitis was triggered making it incredibly painful and bloody (sorry).

All of this tells me there must be something in the pills since I was super careful to not eat or expose myself to any other triggers during these last four days. It may be an unknown trigger in the fillers or that the quercetin, rutin and luteolin have salicylates in them. I do seem to have a sensitivity to those. I can’t eat corn, I can’t take aspirin, etc.

So now where does this leave me? Well, I could continue on the NeuroProtek and “push through” to see if it was a coincidence, but I don’t think it was since it all calmed down once I got the pills out of my system (almost – it’s not quite over yet) and it’s not worth triggering myself and being sick like that again just to find out I was probably right.

I did finally get an appointment to see my local gastro doc in a couple of weeks after talking to one of the nurses (yay!) and I have a neurology appointment in November. I see my immunologist (God bless him) in November, too, so hopefully he can help me figure out what to do next.

After all, he is much smarter than I am.

And the merry-go-round continues…


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