MCAS & Inflammation: Gastritis, Anyone?

The Struggle / Thursday, May 25th, 2017 / no comments

It is usually my lower GI that gives me the most trouble, but last night I had a horrible attack of gastritis. It was excruciatingly painful and I’m still recovering today from the whole two hour ordeal.

Before I was diagnosed I had a lot of stomach pain and acid reflux/heartburn but the stabbing and inflammation pain in my lower GI overshadowed all of the other GI symptoms and made them pale in comparison. So they really weren’t a big deal, in the overall scheme of things.

Until last night around midnight, that is!

When I went to the University of Utah for my upper and lower GI scope, they found evidence of GERD, along with diverticuli and in the notes it said they found erythematous mucosa” in my stomach itself:

What exactly is “erythematous mucosa”? I found a good explanation here:

 Mucosal erythema is the most commonly endoscopic finding in the stomach, and the observations of erythematous mucosa may be defined endoscopically as gastritis despite a lack of evidence supporting a correlation between these endoscopic features and histologic gastritis.

What exactly is “gastritis”?

Inflammation of the stomach.

What can cause inflammation of the stomach (besides H. pylori)???

This guy right here can:

Urgggghhhhhh. I really want to punch that jerk right in the face sometimes!!

Thanks to him and his millions of buddies, I spent two hours last night writhing in unnecessary pain, debating whether or not to go to the ER, all while both cursing and praying to God and the universe and to the ghosts of Father Jack and Father Ted (even though I’m not Catholic!) to do whatever they could do to Make. It. Just. Freaking. Stop.

I was pretty desperate, as usual.

But suddenly it did stop! Literally just like THAT, too.

It was like a real life miracle!!


As much as I wish it was a supernatural intervention, the reality is all it took was for me to have a moment of clarity during the gastritis induced midnight madness and I remembered hey! I have mast cell disease! And hey! I should take some mast cell medicine!

Sometimes I forget, which is becoming a real problem here. My poor hubby is still clueless, too, when things like this pop up. We’ve never dealt with a sudden onset of gastritis together. He thought I had food poisoning, but I knew it had to be MCAS related.

So as soon as I remembered I have mast cells, I slammed an extra dose of my oral cromolyn sodium and within minutes, BOOM! It was all over.


What a life. I’m so looking forward to the next surprise attack (not). I wonder where that jerk will strike next?

To be continued, I’m sure….

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