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This disease requires us to take precautions at every step and it’s vital that our doctors, nurses, dentists and all other health care providers are educated and up to date on how to handle us, especially in emergency situations.

I’ve created a handy wallet card to take with you to doctor and hospital visits.

Emergency Care For Patients With Mast Cell Disorders

This is a two-page brochure that goes over the basics of mast cell disease and the special care we as patients need.

Emergency Room Protocols

This seventeen-page guide is essential to have in case of a trip to the ER. It includes forms to fill out with your primary doctor to insure that you receive the best individualized treatment in an emergency situation. I keep mine updated in a folder in my car at all times just in case.

According to The Mastocytosis Society:

Only a few symptoms may be present. Severity of symptoms can change quickly. *Some symptoms can be life-threatening. ACT FAST! Use your anaphylaxis action plan! An AAAAI Anaphylaxis Card in English and Spanish is also available.

Thousand Faces of Mastocytosis: Mistaken Medical Diagnoses, Patient Suffering & Gender Implications

This is a wealth of information for patients and carers. It focuses on the impact mast cell disease has on patients and also the gender bias that may hinder diagnosis and treatment for women.


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