The Diet

What foods can I have and which ones should I avoid?

There is no one-size fits all diet for MCAS. We are all different when it comes to food triggers, but there is a diet guideline we can follow to give us a good idea of what to look out for. It lists foods to avoid and foods that are generally safe.

You can view the entire MCAS Diet Guideline by clicking the link here.

Again, this is not set in stone. I have found many things on the forbidden list that don’t trigger me and many on the “safe” list that do. It is very individual and can even change from day to day or over time. A “safe” food can turn into an “unsafe” one for various reasons, including eating too much of said food.

***How To Check Your Medicines For MCAS Triggers — Daily Med***

A MUST HAVE!! Your medications, even the ones for mast cell disease, may contain food and other triggers (such as dyes, preservatives, etc.) but you can check the ingredients by clicking above. I made a helpful tutorial to follow in case it’s confusing.

***Dietary Avoidance General Information (for food allergies/triggers)

This website tells you how to read food labels while trying to find “safe” foods that don’t trigger your mast cells. On this site you can find guidelines for individual food triggers, such as:

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk Allergy Guideline

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk & Soy Allergy Guideline

Dietary Avoidance for Cow’s Milk & Soy & Eggs Allergy Guideline

You can find more individual food allergy guidelines by clicking here.

This disease is very unpredictable and so are food (and other) triggers but having a general guideline to work from really does help!