MCAS & The Toxic Sweat (Yuck!)

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I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but I coined the term “toxic sweat” a while back to describe what happens to me when I’m toward the end of a degranulation event.

As I’m sitting here typing this, I can feel the sticky, odoriferous stuff just pouring from underneath my arms. It’s not a total body sweat like hot flashes or even exercise induced all-over sweating. It’s confined mainly to my armpits and just like someone turned on a tap, it flows out so much, so fast, that it’s enough to soak my t-shirt to the point where it looks like I ran a marathon within just a few minutes.

The worst part is that it reeks! Like really, really bad!!

It makes me think it is a purging of all the chemical mediators that my mast cells dump when I degranulate really badly, which I did last night (again.. thanks to my period… sigh). It usually only comes out at the very end, just as all the other symptoms are quieting down and I’m starting to feel better (aside from my hands and feet being extremely clammy and ice cold when it’s happening – also weird), so the purging thing makes a lot of sense.

So when it happens I am somewhat relieved to know it’s all almost over (whew!) but I really hate having to sit here and stew in my own sweat. Even taking a shower only helps temporarily. It’s back again by the time I’m getting dressed so there’s no point in showering until it’s all over.

It’s complicated by the fact that I can’t use deodorant because every type I try triggers me. I get extremely itchy under my arms if I use it and my lymph nodes will hurt really badly, too, like someone is jamming their thumbs hard into my underarms and trying to lift me up, so I just don’t use deodorant at all most of the time.

Most of the time I don’t need to and even if I do try to mask this awful stench emanating from me with a strong deodorant, it doesn’t really help much. That’s how bad it is. Luckily it’s over within an hour or so and then I can wash it off and put it behind me and get on with life, but it is one aspect of living with mast cell activation disease that is really quite depressing, not to mention slightly humiliating!

Lucky for me (and the general public) I stay home most of the time and keep it to myself. I also lock myself away from friends and family until it’s over to spare them, too. Because I’m nice like that. 🙂

What about you? Do you get a “toxic sweat” at the end of degranulation, too? Surely I can’t be alone?



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