Mast Cell Disease Research: Who? Where? When?

As a patient I am always curious where the research is at with mast cell disease. Are new medicines coming my way? Is a cure around the corner? Will I be able to eat cheesecake again?!!

Probably not on the last one at least.

I doubt I’ll ever have cheesecake again or even take part in a clinical trial. Still, I am always curious to learn more and a quick search led me to a few different resources. Some of them are currently recruiting patients and researching different aspects of mast cell disease (none promise a return of cheesecake into my sad, dull life though!).

Here are just a couple of examples of who is behind the research for mast cell disorders:

The University of Minnesota’s Mast Cell Disease Program aims to not only provide comprehensive clinical services for patients with all types of mast cell disease but also conduct basic and clinical research and provide professional and community education regarding mast cell biology and disease.

Mayo Clinic allergy and collaborating physicians are leaders in mast cell and eosinophil-associated disease research. As part of their research, they have discovered several new syndromes and identified how mast cells and eosinophils play a role in a variety of diseases.

You can see a more thorough list of past and present mast cell disease research by visiting I find it to be an incredibly useful tool, although most of the research seems to be being done on mastocytosis patients (of which I am not).

From how to diagnose it better, to how to treat it and maybe even cure it someday, they are all at the forefront in the battle and deserve our attention and our support. Not to mention our gratitude.

I know I am thankful for each and every doctor and researcher who is doing their best to help understand and treat this very complex disease.


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