Mast Cell Disease & Quercetin: Does It Work??

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There are a lot of people wondering if quercetin helps with mast cell disease so I thought I’d reprint an old post from my housewife blog which I wrote back when I first learned I had MCAD and tried quercetin for the first time.

For the record, I am not endorsing a particular brand of quercetin here, just giving my own personal experiences! Also, this is not medical advice. If you think you have mast cell or any other disease please see a doctor.

This was written on March 21st, 2016 on The Empty Nest Housewife blog (newest relevant updates are in red at the bottom):
quercetin-allergy-free-vitamin-c2So three days ago I began taking Quercetin-Ascorbate for my mast cell problems and I thought I would blog the results in case anyone else is thinking of using this product themselves and wondering if it’s worth the price and the trouble.

Remember, I’m less than half a week in so it’s a little soon to get excited, but here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

First, because I opted for one that doesn’t have fillers or come in a capsule that may trigger my allergies, this one is a powder that doesn’t like to mix with liquid. I found that it will mix with my apple juice if I stir it quickly and then drink it quickly, and then it goes down ok. I may have to stir once more at the end. I haven’t tried sprinkling it on food, or mixing it in a smoothie, which seems like a good idea.

There is a very tangy, citrus-y flavor to it but it mixes well enough with the apple juice that it doesn’t bother me and it’s quite tasty then.

The citrus itself doesn’t seem to bother me, either, even though I worried it would since citrus is supposed to be high in histamine.

Of course I’m still stuffy and having a few issues with my histamine levels anyway because I’m off the antihistamines temporarily until I meet back with my doctor but I find no difference in my overall allergic response.

If anything, my dermatographia seems calmed down, even without the antihistamines. And my hip pain is definitely quiet the last few days, which is a welcome relief.

Querticin is supposed to be a great anti-inflammatory as well as an immune booster and overall mast cell stablizer so I am hoping this will calm everything down in time for our upcoming trip to the coast!

I did notice one thing right away, and that is a boost in mood and energy. Not the kind of energy you get from coffee or energy drinks. I don’t feel jittery and I don’t feel giddy. I told my husband it feels more like brain energy, or the brain fog lifting, which is a nice thing. And I feel calmer. My stress levels seem to be falling so that’s a bonus.

It wasn’t something I expected, but when I googled it, it seems I am not alone. I actually found an article talking about how quercetin supposedly doesn’t increase energy in humans, but the commenters had very different anecdotal views, like these:


quercetin-energy-quote3 quercetin-energy-quote2

I will have to add my own testimony here, because I notice a definite boost in both mood and energy when I take quercetin so I will keep taking it for that reason alone. If it ends up stabilizing my mast cells, that would be life changing.

Again, it does seem to be working already and I feel much better after I drink it. For a few hours my mood is more positive, I have ambitious energy and the brain fog lifts.

It makes me want to get up and do the spring cleaning, so I’ll take it!

I’ll post more updates as I continue using it. Hopefully this is the answer I’ve been looking for, or at least one of the pieces to this crazy puzzle!


**Update 8/2016: I quit using the quercetin for various reasons, mainly because it was difficult to take in the powdered form and I had to drink the mixture down so quickly or it would goop up at the bottom, which made me nauseous the more I did it. I also found that the initial energy boost I got diminished over several days after starting it so I had to increase the amount I used to get the same results. This made it not something I wanted to deal with at the time.

**Update 01/2017: I began using a capsule form of quercetin for my low energy but found I reacted badly to it, despite doing my best to find a trigger-free product. The fact that I am triggered by so many common ingredients in the pill capsules and fillers themselves makes finding the right brand of anything for me extremely difficult. I am considering looking for another brand again, though. I will continue to update here on this website.




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