Mast Cell Disease & Natural Health: Day One On NeuroProtek

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A week ago I wrote about trying NeuroProtek rather than jumping into trying curcumin for the insane inflammation that keeps getting stirred up thanks to my mast cell disease. It’s giving me grief from head to toe and is driving my seizure disorder so I am desperate to get a grip on it.

It came a couple of days ago but I didn’t actually start taking it until this morning because after careful consideration and going back over everything that’s went wrong for me these last few months I decided to stop taking my other trigger-filled pills altogether (just my H1/H2’s – doxepin, cyproheptadine and ranitidine – I’m still on oral and nasal cromolyn sodium and my as-needed inhaler) while I wait to see my doctor and while I trial the NeuroProtek.

I should stop here to say that my doctor is on board with me trying to find what works best, however: DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR MAST CELL DISEASE MEDICINES WITHOUT TALKING TO YOUR DOCTOR! 

Despite using the handy, dandy medication ingredient tool my immunologist recommended to find ones with the least amount of my food and other triggers in them I realized that they were probably doing far more harm than good despite masking the allergy symptoms so I weaned myself completely off of them to see if it would make a positive difference, and surprisingly it actually did!

My granuloma annulare rash disappeared completely within a couple of days of getting off the pills. It had been getting worse as I increased my doses, so it makes me think the fillers ARE triggering my inflammation.

This means I am now officially off of all of my food triggers for the first time since this crazy journey began almost two years ago. There hasn’t been a time when I wasn’t taking in something with one of them in it, hoping the medicines would override any negative effects, but that just wasn’t happening so I had to change directions if I want to get a handle on this infernal inflammation that ironically the mast cell disease medicines are helping to fuel.

So I decided to start with just two NeuroProtek pills a day and I’m going to wait a few days before taking them again just in case the two I took today trigger me. So far I haven’t had any problems and it’s been quite a few hours but I don’t want to find out the hard way and then have half a dozen or more pills festering in my intestines if I do get triggered and everything stops moving.

All of this is part of the reason why taking medicines and even starting new ones when you have mast cell disease is so complicated. I do feel good about my decision and I can’t wait to see if adding NeuroProtek will make enough of a difference to not even need the H1 & H2’s.

I’m not holding my breath, though. I’ve learned not to get my hopes up even if I respond well at first. By the time I see my doctor again I should know for sure if I’ll need those compounded. I am hoping that if I get my inflammation in check I at least won’t need an antidepressant, though.

Time will tell.

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