MCAD & Asthma: NASA’s Guide To Cleaner Air At Home

Did you know that NASA has an official list of house plants that are good for cleaning the air we breathe?

Me neither but when I heard of it I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea. I love gardening no matter where it is.

Many of us with mast cell disease have problems with our lungs. I know I certainly do, and while things like respirators, air purifiers and filtration units do help it’s always nice to find other things we can do to boost the air quality in our homes.

Of course some of us are triggered by floral bouquets (me)  and have to be cautious with house plants because they can possibly trigger us, too. From the blooms to mold spores in the soil to the plants themselves, they can sometimes do more harm than good.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I have a ficus tree and two houseplants right now that don’t bother me a bit. I’m also growing my own culinary herbs indoors at the moment and they aren’t bothering me, either (knock on wood).

So I’m definitely ready to add more, especially if they clean the air. I found this handy, dandy graphic that explains it all in detail:

So now I know what plants to look for next time I go to the local garden center or nursery. Obviously I will avoid the ones with flowers on them and with so many to choose from I’m sure I’ll find a few that work for me.

Hope this helps you, too!


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