Mast Cell Disease, Autism & “Brain Allergy”?

When I first saw Dr. Theo talking about “brain allergy” it really clicked with me.  He talked about how he began to notice a portion of his mast cell disease patients also had autism as a coexisting diagnosis. Hmmm.

As the mother of an adult son who has also been diagnosed with MCAD and autism, I can see how many of his symptoms from childhood overlap with the mast cell disease symptoms. Symptoms including;  being a picky eater, bowel problems, weird allergic responses and brain fog.

I also believe I would have been labeled autistic had I been tested and I’ve said many times that my brain feels like it is pulsating with inflammation when I’m really degranulating badly. Also, the science just makes sense to me. You can click here to read the study on the relationship between these two (perhaps not so distinct?) disorders.

Also, here’s Dr. Theo’s entire video presentation on the topic of mast cell disease, “brain allergy” and autism:

I’m not saying that mast cells cause autism in everyone with the disease. I do believe, though, that autistic like symptoms can definitely be produced by mast cell dysfunction.

I n Dr. Afrin’s book that I’m reviewing he also talks a bit about autism and mast cell disease and I’ll be getting to that in a future post right here. It’s an interesting topic and one worth pursuing.

I do believe Dr. Theo is onto something, though, and I encourage you to read/watch his evidence I’ve presented.


xo Michelle Dellene

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