What Rhymes With Pain?

The Symptoms / Saturday, April 8th, 2017 / no comments

I can think of two words this morning that work: insane and inflamed. Put it all together and you have what I have: insanely painful inflammation.

Painful as in, it hurts to breathe and blink and think. Painful as in, it hurts to even type these words. Painful as in, if I don’t find relief from this blankety-blank inflammation I may very well end up completely and totally and utterly insane!

Okay, I exaggerate a bit, but it does feel like I am at the end of my tolerance level some days, like today. I think it’s worse because I have had a few really great days and then BOOM! I woke up feeling like this. Again (and again, and again and..).

Every single system in my body feels inflamed. Every joint aches. It hurts to blink. It’s difficult to put into words what’s happening because it’s so unlike normal inflammation in the human body. It’s not confined to one area.

This is a full cellular assault.


I still can’t find an anti-inflammatory that doesn’t trigger my mast cells to rebel and it isn’t for lack of trying. Just in the last year I have tried and had to quit aspirin, Naproxen and (!) Singulair because within a week or two of using them I had the same results each time. At first they worked great and I felt great and life was great and everything was just bloody great and then, with each one, I began reacting slowly, day by day, until I had no choice but to quit taking it or else turn red like a lobster and burst out in hives from head to toe (and worse).

So it’s a real challenge and not one I am sure I will find answers for. My next step is compounding and trying again to rule out a filler causing it.

I can take Tylenol, thankfully, if I take the plain white pills and not too many or for too many consecutive days — again, because of the filler thing. I can only tolerate trigger fillers in pills that counteract them it seems (like my antihistamines) and even then I’m careful to find ones with the least amount in them.

Tylenol definitely helps and the pain is pretty well contained when I use it, but not the inflammation. It’s a beast all unto itself and I don’t know that I will ever be able to tame it.


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