I Have No Choice. It’s Back To The Doctor I Go…

The Struggle / Monday, July 3rd, 2017 / no comments

I’m going in for my regular checkup with my immunologist in a few days, which is a good thing, but I’m afraid I’ll forget most of what I wanted to talk to him about thanks to this brain fog I’m drowning in again lately.

Lucky for us both I blog pretty regularly (and share way too much sometimes) so if nothing else I can just come here and read to him so we both know what’s going on with me. It’s a bit of a challenge for me to remember the name of my disease some days let alone what happened last week!

Just getting to the doctor is kind of a challenge to begin with since I still can’t drive thanks to my fainting/seizure issue (boo!). It’s also a challenge just to get an appointment to see my immunologist, especially this time of year. It’s their busy season so appointments are weeks and weeks out. I’ve had this one booked since April so I don’t want to miss it.

I also don’t want to forget anything.

I’ve actually been keeping notes in my off-line journal, too, because I’ve had a few really bad pain/mucus attacks in the last couple of weeks and it worries me. I’m also worried because my neck and armpit lymph nodes have really been swelling/aching and bothering me more than normal lately, too. Today is especially bad; it feels like I am being held up in the air by someone jabbing their thumb hard under each arm and my arms are numb down past both elbows.

It hurts to type this, to be honest.

I am having a lot of other issues still, too, both allergic and inflammatory, most of which really ramped up as we headed into summer, and which I sort of expected. My dull headaches and stiff neck are bothering me almost daily. My hip and ribs are hurting a lot and so are the tendons in my feet from when I fainted a year and a half ago and fell forward, stretching them both really badly. It makes walking difficult even though they are healed because it feels like I just injured them whenever the head-to-toe inflammation starts up.

I haven’t begun the curcumin yet (another post coming on that soon!) and I have no anti-inflammatories in my arsenal as of yet but I want to maybe increase my Doxepin by 10-20 mg per dose to see how I do since I feel I’m not getting as much benefit as I was just a few weeks ago from it, probably because the pollen and other summer triggers are in full swing right now and it’s just not enough to cover me. It still works but I may need to increase it to knock this back down. I may need to increase all of my medicines, but one at a time is best.

I’m also going to ask him about using a cromolyn sodium nebulizer instead of my albuterol inhaler which I rely on quite a bit. It makes sense that it would work better for me since it is a mast cell targeting medication. The oral cromolyn and the Nasalcrom really help to calm my inflammation down and both stop the symptoms almost immediately if I do flare up so I’m anxious to try it in my lungs.

I’m also just plain anxious. Not about seeing the doctor, he is awesome, but about knowing that I have to be “under a doctor’s care” now. For the rest of my life. It’s not really a choice anymore.

I hate not having choices.

I hate this disease.


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