Did You Know? Random MCAS Facts

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Here are a few interesting facts about mast cell disease that I found at The Mastocytosis Society of Canada’s FAQ page:

  • No Donating Blood Or Organs?: Patients with mast cell disorders are discouraged by some physicians from donating their blood or organs until research shows it’s safe to do so.
  • Pediatric Mastocytosis Can Resolve At Puberty: An estimated 50% of pediatric cases will resolve at puberty but there are adults who had mastocytosis as a child and also have it as an adult.
  • Childhood Cases Can Go Into Remission: Adult cases do not (in most cases).
  • Mastocytosis & MCAD Does Not Equal Cancer: Some aggressive forms of systemic mastocytosis and mast cell leukemia involve cancer but most cases don’t.
  • Mastocytosis Is A Neoplastic Disease Though (Like Cancer): Both cancer and mastocytosis are neoplastic disorders which mean a proliferation of cells, but cancer cells are malignant where mast cells are good cells behaving badly.
  • Mast Cell Disease Won’t Kill You (Probably) – The risk of death from mast cell disease is relatively low in most cases unless there are complications (or anaphylaxis). We still need to be prepared with things like epipens and Medic Alert bracelets, though.


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