And… It Starts (Again)!

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Just like clockwork, it’s allll back.

Yep, and along with it comes the inflammation from head to toe, the bleeding gums, the painful ribs and hip, all of it. Even my tendons on my feet (the ones I injured this time last year, back when I fainted while standing and fell forward on them, bending them the wrong way, way too far – ouch!), are flaring up and hurt when I walk this morning. They have been healed (finally) and pretty quiet for a long time so I know I’m really inflamed since they are acting up now all of a sudden.

Speaking of inflamed, my gut has practically shut down altogether and my esophagus keeps swelling shut. I can’t talk for long or I lose my voice completely. Nasalcrom helps with that at least.

Then there are the allergic symptoms.

I awoke to black shiners under both eyes, my nose is stuffy as heck and my eyes are pouring water nonstop. I itched all night long and last night before bed I was blessed with a long bout of hiccuping and sneezing out of the blue. Painful hiccups, too!

I didn’t sleep well, of course.

I tossed and turned and felt feverish. My skin now feels like its on fire and hives are ready to pop up at any moment, again on my feet (what’s with my feet lately?) and the mucus (oh, the mucus!) is suddenly back, like a bad relative. Even when it clears I still can’t breathe like I should, or did just before this all started.

My lungs feel small again.

Then there’s the twitchy bladder and fluid retention and constant peeing and the random stabbing pains and, of course, the overall bloating. My face itself is huge! My body, too. I look 8 months pregnant (and feel it, too!).


I weighed myself and I was 119 three days ago. Today I am at 132. I don’t even know how it’s physically possible but it happens every month now.

I am (again) sitting here with every joint aching as if I were the tin man in need of a LOT of oil. It hurts to think. I can’t even blink without being reminded that this is happening to me since all 4 of my eyelids are twitching (yes, we have four of them contrary to what the hubby says). I can’t even bear to look outside today because my light sensitivity is through the roof.

The slightest noise has me on edge. Even the sound of me typing this post is annoying!!!

Yep, my period is back and I am definitely allergic to it and growing more allergic as time goes by.

What can I do? Not much, apparently. I doubled up on medicines and drank extra coffee (a proven diuretic) and… well, nothing. I am still sitting here symptomatic as hell. The brain fog is insane. I can barely remember my name.


Yep, it’s all back and I am bound to suffer a few more days of this mast cell hell before it lets up and I start the whole, viscous, bloody (pun somewhat intended, sorry!) cycle again next month. Some months seem to be better or worse than others. This one is particularly bad.

At least this time I remembered what’s causing all of this madness in my body instead of wracking my poor inflamed brain trying to figure out the blankety-blanking trigger.

That was NOT fun.

Maybe I’ll try taking a Benedryl before bed tonight and see if that helps. If this doesn’t let up soon I’ll break into my barely-used bottle of Xanax to get me from here to there, though.

Ah, the blessings of being born female. Welcome to the joy of being allergic to your own period, to boot.

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