Michelle Dellene
Advocate. Patient.

In the final words of his book, Never Bet Against Occam, Dr. Afrin challenges each of us with the words:

“What’s next?”

Do Something

I’m doing something. Will you?

This is my “something”.

Hi, I’m Michelle Dellene. MastCellDisease.com is my personal website. My goal is bringing awareness to this rare, debilitating (for me!) disease. It is also where I share all the latest research, news and information I can find and connect you with others who are struggling with mast cell disease.

This information on this site is not medical advice, just my experiences with mast cell activation disease. Please see a doctor if you think you have mast cell or any disease.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I am pretty successfully treating my MCAD at the moment through strict diet, trigger avoidance and by taking several mast cell stabilizing and blocking medications.

When I say successful, don’t get me wrong, I am still very sick under the surface. There is no cure *yet* for mast cell disease and I still can not work outside the home and I have to live in a virtual bubble within my “safe zone” to achieve the level of wellness I have so far, but overall I am very happy with my progress.

I don’t expect to ever be fully unafflicted, but I definitely see progress and I feel much better than I have in years. Considering I had 54 of these 58 symptoms listed to begin with and now I have gotten down to ZERO at times?! It’s pretty miraculous, really, considering where I was before my diagnosis.

Still, it is a struggle so I won’t lie to you, my reader. This website is to give hope and inspiration but to also give a clear view of the reality (for me!) of living with mast cell disease. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I have plenty of good days but I still have bad days and often struggle with brain fog while writing so please forgive me in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. I usually go back and edit a few times to get it right but read at your own risk! 🙂

I have comments turned on now, so drop a comment if you’d like and you can always contact me with questions or comments by using the email address on my Contact Me page. I love to hear from you!

Please remember again, this is not medical advice. I am just a patient. These are just my own personal experiences living with this debilitating, yet treatable, immunological condition. If you believe you have mast cell disease or any other disease please see a medical doctor immediately! You can find the right treatment once you find the right doctor and diagnosis. Good luck!

Thank you for joining me, and won’t you please take a moment to share my posts, pages and graphics on social media? The goal of this site is to bring awareness to mast cell disease and I can’t do it alone. Together we can make a difference, though!

http://www.mastcelldisease.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/empty-nest-logo.jpgYou can also find me blogging over at Life In The Mast Lane & The Empty Nest Housewife.


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