A Day In The Life: My SCHT’s™ Three Days Later…

Here I am, three days later, finally coming down from my last degranulation event (admittedly self induced) and here’s what my super concentrated hive thingies I talked about in my last post looked like when I awoke this morning:

I was also getting some pitting edema from my Medic Alert bracelet but that let up after I got up and about and peed a million times to flush out all the excess fluid buildup. Seriously, where DOES all that fluid come from?!

Anyway, they don’t itch now but the remnants of the SCHT’s are still there. You can see how they are different from normal hives, which come up in patches and disappear without a trace. These look very much like bug bites from beginning to end. In fact, I realized that for years I thought I was getting random bug bites because of these little buggers. I also got random regular hives on my neck and face now and then, too. Usually there will be just one of those that comes up and itches and then disappears completely.

Again, looking back now, I always thought I was being bitten by a mosquito or a bug on my neck and face! It was actually this guy:


These SCHT’s™ have a pimple form to them, though, and I don’t know what they’re called but they itch like a mother hives do for a good few hours. Sometimes I try to “kill” them to make it stop itching so bad by picking the whole thing out of my skin and often it works, if I can dig it all out.

As much as I wanted to “kill” them, I left these ones alone so I could document just what I’m dealing with here. I know these are mast cell driven, like 99.9% of everything else that is wrong with me, I just don’t know if I am the only one who gets these or what they are called. Do they even have a name? None of my doctors know what they are, which is unsettling — even my dermatologist had never heard of or seen such a thing!

Surely I can’t be alone here.

Can I?


With this disease anything is possible, apparently. According to Dr. Afrin I technically *could* spontaneously combust just sitting here, which would definitely make the news (and really annoy my hubby who has put hundreds of hours into our empty nest remodel!). But honestly? I’m not that cool. Nope, instead I get stuck with psuedo bug bites that just drive me bonkers.

Thanks, universe!

Edited to add: My own dear son, who has also been dx’d with MCAD, came to me the other day to show me he gets these, too. So I’m not alone!


xo Michelle Dellene


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